YOUSY token

Youseeme/hexakrown we are registered as Crypto service provider next to the french financial conductor (N° 2022-50) also we are the first european company providing IBAN account, along with Master Card, and Crypto account for trading and custody, two different web sites and trading logo because there are two diferent legal terms and conditions of use to be signed , and 

Our token Presale at a special price (presale) before ICO will enable us to promote our brand, all technical developement for all applications Iban and crypto are already up and running, more then 3 millions dollars have been spent to reach that point, open an account now on desktop for crypto 

Logo hexakrown

Pease register here  and buy Yousy 460 000 Yousy are available for 0.000329 ETHER each, within the fiRST 30 days, and the second round 460 000 Yousy will be available for 0.0007 ETher until the end of the ICO