We provide user and corporations Crypto Custodian services –   


This hassel free solution is offered for free to our customers. users and corporations. 

You are not using some amount of your crypto, You are in a long term investment perspective. you want to store your assets into a safety box, you don’t want to manage this yourself, buying USB key, or any other soltution available at other providers wallet. 

You just have to subscribe to this service, open a custodian account where you can store your assets in our sefety box. 

this is a separate wallet from the hot wallet you have alreay, différent private and public keys, stored on an off line storage media that is called cold wallet, also data might be 256bit crypted with AxCrypt Tools.

Your Crypto are locked into our safety box cold storage, they are not instantly availble, but after a short delay that varies from one to three hours after your online request. 

if you want to know more about this solution, if you are already registered into our customers  base, please contact our team by email to support@hexakrown.io